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Loads and loads - normalguy18 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Loads and loads [Jul. 14th, 2008|10:27 pm]
So my holding my cum in didnt last but 15 minutes after that post.
I was watching a hot girl not a day over 19, perkiest breasts, suck a hot cock. I was stroking slow and just feeling it, then moving up speed, doing a couple of frantic strokes here and there. Then I could feel it, sneaking up my urethra, my cum inching up. A small bead appearing stuck at the tip, my strokes slowed to not release my load. Changing videos getting hotter and hotter, my balls throbbing. Then it happened it leaked out, clear and sticky it lube the top of my head, sending shivers down my spine. I figured "Fuck it, I still have 5 more days to stock pile my seed, I'm gonna blow."
With determination I jerked my cock, hard, smacking my balls a little giving me a lil pain but so much pleasure. Then I knew it, I could feel it speeding up like a car on a curved street. I pointed my cock away from me, my head laying back before looking as I shot the first shot.
And there it was my load squeezing out of my cock, thick and white shooting atleast 6 feet away from me, my next 5 shots just like the others and finally ending up at 11 shots. Felt soooooo good. Then I follwed it up by a nice cum this morning. So I dont know if I can hold it, I think I'm trying to hard, and plus lately I have been cumming so much and so thick it just feels better and looks better. Then at work today all I thought about was sex, there were women dressed in so many hot things. And my friend and I were having a conversation on sex and getting off, didnt help. I dont know if I can make it, hehe cuz I'm stroking now.

[User Picture]From: raptorianone
2008-07-16 07:29 am (UTC)
Link me to that video please. XD
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